The Danish Realm

Naalakkersuisut is in close cooperation with the relevant Danish department regarding the international climate negotiations and takes part in the negotiations during the Climate Convention as a member of the Danish Realm’s negotiation delegation.

In 2012, Naalakkersuisut entered into a cooperation agreement on international climate negotiations with the Danish government, cf. the Act on Self-Government from 2009.  The cooperation agreement was entered into at the request of Greenland, as the Government of Greenland repatriated the climate policy as an administrative area and pursues an independent, national climate policy; consequently, the Government of Greenland has the authority to lay down Greenland’s climate policy. The security and foreign policy, however, is a national affair where the authority rests with the Danish government. Greenland may therefore not negotiate independently in the climate negotiations during the UN Climate Convention, but is part of the Kingdom of Denmark’s negotiation delegation. The cooperation agreement ensures consultation and involvement in the negotiation process, access to information with particular significance to Greenland, and Greenland’s positioning during the negotiations.

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