Climategreenland is the Government of Greenland’s website about climate change in Greenland. The site is intended to be a resource to help you find the people, organizations or the information you are looking for. It also provides an overview of some of the ways in which Greenland is affected by a changing climate and how this is dealt with.

On the webpage you can find information about the Governments work with the climate changes, Greenland’s Emissions and efforts to reduce as well as climate adaptation. You can also find information about Greenland’s international commitments etc.

If you should have any questions, that aren’t answered by the website, you are welcome to send an e-mail.

Questions regarding international climate, including climate change is the enquiry addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (, emissions of greenhouse gasses are addressed to the Ministry of Industry and Energy ( and regarding climate adaptation and communication of climate change are addressed to the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Research (

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