Climate changes

Global warming is happening, and Greenland is one of the places in the world where the warming is highly visible. But how will it affect Greenland’s climate?

Danish (and Greenlandic) Meteorological Institute (DMI) used a climate model to develop new and detailed answers to that question. The answers consist of information about the development of i.a. 66 so-called climate indexes. The climate indexes describe specific weather conditions in geographical areas of 5 x 5 km in all of Greenland’s municipalities.

A list of all 66 climate indexes is available on the DMI website. Furthermore, the website has a folder of future climate changes in Greenland and regional climate reports for the municipalities Qaasiutsup, Qeqqata and Kujalleq, the western part of Sermersooq municipality and the eastern part of Sermersooq municipality and the National Park.

It is expected that in the future, relevant climate indexes will be available on NunaGIS NunaGIS – an IT tool which i.a. technicians use in the planning and development of society.


Sermersooq W

Sermersooq E



National park

Climate Indices

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