The Climate Fund

The Climate Fund
Citizens, businesses, institutions, associations, municipalities and others can apply for funding for projects that aim to:

  • Increase knowledge on the effect of climate changes on nature and on society.
  • Develop strategies for adaptation to climate changes.
  • Launch pilot projects within adaptation to climate changes.
  • Develop and disseminate information as well as share knowledge with relevant parties.

The fund is managed by the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Research. In 2019 the ministry distributes DKK 400,000 in total.

Requirements for Applicants

  • The project must be rooted in Greenland.
  • At least 30 percent of the project costs should come from self-financing or other sources.
  • Expenses to salaries can be a part of the self-financing.
  • Project results and experiences should be disseminated in order for others to benefit from them as well.

A document with all the guidelines for the Climate Fund is available here (only in Greenlandic or Danish).

Applications for 2019 must be received by the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Research no later than on 8. of March 2019. The following application form for the Climate Fund (only in Greenlandic or Danish) must be used.

On 29. of March 2019 applicants who have been granted funding will be notified.
The funding will be given, when the project is finished and a final report including accounts with records is approved by The Ministry of Nature, Environment and Research. A special form for the final report (only in Greenlandic or Danish) with relevant documents attached should be received by the ministry no later than 1st December 2019.

For further information please contact

Supported projects in 2018

  • The research project “Disko Bay, region in a change”.
  • Laboratory facilities for classification of permafrost deposits to support the design and maintenance of Greenlandic infrastructure in a warmer climate. See more her.
  • The communication part of the “Green Land” art project. See more here.

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