Civil Society, Industry and CSR

Civil Society
Civil society makes an important contribution to the public debate about future challenges related to climate change. Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) og WWF World Wide Fund for nature are two important actors in Greenlandic civil society. Both are working to strengthen the public debate about climate change and encourage everyone to take part in the common challenges related to reducing emissions

Industry and CSR
Business plays an important role when it comes to taking initiative and assuming responsibility in a society faced with climate change. Many businesses have formulated clear policies and makes an active effort to reduce their emissions of Co2 and to increase energy efficiency in their work, and more businesses, report about their improvements within climate.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the idea that businesses have a wider sense of responsibility for the society in which they operate – including the environment and climate. CSR also covers the mutual dependence between the industry and society: the society needs successful businesses to create development and the businesses needs a positive development in the society to have success and to contribute in the economic growth.

The association CSR Greenland was founded in 2010 as cooperation between several businesses. In 2017 the association has 50 members, a board and an office. The environmental work is one of the associations prioritized focus areas, but the purpose of the association plays a much more important role when it comes to motivate businesses, public organizations and the civil society into creating new initiatives and cooperation across.

Greenlandic businesses, which have a focus on climate change and CSR are listed here.

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