Sea level rise

The rise in sea levels in the world’s oceans is a significant consequence of climate change. Over the last several years, the contribution from the ice melt in the Arctic has proved greater than previously anticipated. Arctic glaciers, ice caps and the Greenland Ice Sheet accounted around 50% of the total observed sea level rise and hence the largest contributor to increasing sea level globally.

Comprehensive scientific data on the relationship between the Greenland Ice Sheet, glacier activity and the surrounding oceans is needed in order to anticipate how sea levels will rise in the future. The Greenland Climate Research Centre is involved in projects aimed at monitoring the interrelationship between the Greenland Ice Sheet, the oceans and those glaciers that connect the ice sheet with the surrounding fjords and ocean. The research projects go beyond simply anticipating change in sea levels and provide insight into the complex processes of change in the country’s ice fjords as a consequence of climate change.

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