Renewable Energy

Hydropower is often the first thing that is associated with renewable energy in Greenland – and with good reason. Nevertheless, the country is home to many initiatives and efforts at a smaller scale that are also worth taking note of. While the Centre for Arctic Technology in Sisimiut works on developing solar and wind energy in settlements, with the aim of making good use of Greenland’s opportunities for renewable energy.
Waste heat is barely 6% of the overall supply on renewable sources

Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Nuuk has good conditions for EVs. With easy access to surplus energy production from the city’s hydropower plant and a limited road infrastructure, the barriers that are often associated with the spread of EVs are easily overcome in Nuuk. The report, Electric Vehicles as a Real Alternative in Nuuk, released in 2013 gives an overview of the challenges related to introducing EVs to the city and provides an insight into how these can be dealt with. EVs in Nuuk are CO2-neutral when charged with electricity from hydropower and further help to reduce particle emissions in the town and bring down the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.

In Nuuk most of the citizens lives in storey buildings, which makes it difficult to charge the EV’s, therefor it is necessary to make it possible to charge EV’s in and around the town. Nukissiorfiit has solved the problem by setting up charging stations at three chosen storey buildings, as well as a Quick-charger at the Nuuk Centre – as a part of a startup project.

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