Arctic Technology

ARTEK – Campus Sisimiut is DTU’s educational hub in Greenland.

ARTEK was established in 2000 to educate Greenlandic and Danish engineering students in Arctic technology.

In 2001, the first students started their education in Sisimiut, Greenland.

DTU’s educational activities in Greenland
In 2016, two new education opportunities on master’s level were added to DTU’s educational activities in Sisimiut.

From autumn 2019, DTU opens the doors to yet another education, a Bachelor of Engineering in Fisheries Technology.

DTU’s educational activities that take place partly or fully in Greenland now cover:

In addition to the educations mentioned above, a Bachelor of Engineering in Fishery Technology is currently under development at DTU.

The education in Greenland takes place at ARTEK – Campus Sisimiut. The operation of ARTEK is a joint venture between KTI (Tech College Greenland) in Sisimiut and DTU.

ARTEK is funded by the Government of Greenland, private foundations and DTU. Through the Climate Fund the Greenlandic Government has funded several of ARTEK’s projects.

For more information about DTU’s Arctic research, please visit Arctic DTU’s website.

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